Where's the Poo...? Search and Find Collection 4 Books Set by Alex Hunter (Where's the Poo?, Where's the Animal Poo?, Where's the Pirate Poo?, Where's the Spooky Poo?)


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Titles In This Set:
Where's the Poo?:
Where's the Animal Poo?
Where's the Pirate Poo?:
Where's the Spooky Poo?:

Where's the Poo?:
A group of poos has been flushed away and embarks on an epic, fun-filled adventure round the world! Search for six very special poos in every scene. From a trip to the aquarium and a day at the theme park, to a rainforest trek and a roller disco, there's so much to spot and find!

Where's the Animal Poo?:
Five Animal Poos are going on an adventure under the sea, into the rainforest and inside a sweet factory. Find each of them on every page, plus ten bonus items!

Where's the Pirate Poo?:
Shiver me timbers! The pirate poos are a long way from the Poop Deck, they're off in search of buried treasure. Join us on an adventure across the seven seas to find Blackbeard Bobbi and all his poo friends in each of these spectacular scenes.

Where's the Spooky Poo?:
Can you spot each of the poos in every scene? Search through pumpkin patches, haunted houses, supermarket aisles and spooky disco scenes for five terrifyingly-gross poo friends. Plus, with bonus items to spot in every scene, this book contains over 100 items to search for.

Where's the Dinosaur Poo?
The dinosaur poos are causing havoc! From rainforests to supermarkets, pirate ships to football matches, they're having a roar-some time.
Can you spot each of the poos in every scene, plus ten bonus items to find on every spread!
Perfect for dinosaur fans, Where's the Dinosaur Poo? offers readers of Where's Wally?, Where's the Wookiee? and Where's Mickey? a terror-ific adventure.

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