About Us

Here at Axel Books, we want to instil a love for reading in all children. We are proud to offer you exceptional books at affordable prices since our opening in 2018. We have an extensive collection of books that will develop your child’s imagination and transport them to a whole new world of texts they will fall in love with, from all time classics to the latest must-have series. With our diverse selection of authors and genres, there is something for every child and every reader, ranging from reluctant readers to eager bookworms.

Our service doesn’t stop there, our support team are on hand to ensure that your shopping experience with us is enjoyable and hassle-free. We guarantee your books will be delivered to you on time and in great condition. We look forward to being your favourite site to visit.
Axel Books

Our Story

Growing up I remember my father having a passion for telling us stories. This led him to start his own business of selling children's books in 2004. This developed into a whole team behind him to continue to pursue his book venture.
I remember coming home from school and my father would be working tirelessly all day and night to give myself and my family the world. This was a leading factor to showing me how hard work and motivation are the biggest power tools in life. This motivates us to keep growing and supplying this passion to our amazing customers. I still recall the excitement when my father used to let us join him to attend book shows and events, and I remember thinking one day I hope to be at least half of the person my father is. I hope I can follow and make the biggest inspiration of my life proud, my beloved dad.