The Virginia Mysteries Series Complete 8 Books Collection Set by Steven K. Smith
The Virginia Mysteries Series Complete 8 Books Collection Set by Steven K. Smith
The Virginia Mysteries Series Complete 8 Books Collection Set by Steven K. Smith

The Virginia Mysteries Series Complete 8 Books Collection Set by Steven K. Smith


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Titles in this Set

Summer of the Woods Book 
Mystery on Church Hill Book 
Ghosts of Belle Isle Book 
Secret of the Staircase Book 
Midnight at the Mansion Book 
Shadows at Jamestown Book 
Spies at Mount Vernon Book 
Escape from Monticello Book 

Summer of the Woods
When young brothers Derek and Sam move with their family to Virginia, they have no idea what adventures the summer will bring. As they explore their creaky old house and the deep surrounding woods, they uncover a sixty-year-old mystery of a valuable coin collection stolen from the local museum. Join the boys as they spend their summer running from danger and searching the woods, secret caves, rushing waters, and hidden passageways for treasure and the rare 1877 Indian Head cent coin!

Mystery on Church Hill
When sleuthing brothers Sam and Derek visit Richmond’s historic St. John’s Church for a re-enactment of Patrick Henry’s famous “Give me liberty or give me death” speech, something’s hidden in the basement. Something important. As the brothers and their classmates dig deeper, they find clues from Thomas Jefferson, George Wythe, and other Founding Fathers in a quest for a priceless document hidden over the centuries.

Ghosts of Belle Isle
Brothers Sam and Derek can’t wait to explore historic Belle Isle during the 150th anniversary of the Fall of Richmond and the end of the Civil War. But that’s before they learn how the wooded park along the James River once held Union soldiers in a terrible prisoner-of-war camp. Legend says that the haunting lights over the rapids at night are the ghosts of long-dead soldiers still fighting the Civil War.

Secret of the Staircase
If Sam and Derek have to get dressed up for a fancy wedding weekend, at least it’s at the Jefferson, Richmond’s famous downtown hotel. The brothers and their friend Caitlin love exploring the extravagant corridors, long elegant staircase and grand Rotunda of Lewis Ginter’s historic structure.
Midnight at the Mansion
When Sam receives an ominous warning in the middle of the night, Derek and Caitlin devise a plan that leads them high into the Blue Ridge Mountains. To save Maymont’s stolen eagles, the kids must
find a secret abandoned palace, survive the wilds of the Appalachian Trail, and avoid capture by criminals, all before midnight.

Shadows at Jamestown
But when one of the priceless artefact's dug from the Jamestown Fort is labelled a fraud, it threatens to upend the entire archaeological project. Can the kids expose the secret conspiracy or have they finally gotten in over their heads? Journey back with them to America’s beginnings and a mystery in the shadows of Jamestown.

Spies at Mount Vernon
To keep government secrets from falling into the wrong hands, the kids must work with federal agents and travel to historic Mount Vernon for a state dinner with the president and his son. Dead drops, cyphers and spy chases are all part of what might be their most dangerous adventure ever—if it isn’t their last.

Escape from Monticello
Letters in a mysterious journal between two sisters describe a lost collection and a missing treasure. As Sam, Derek, and Caitlin realize the letters were from Thomas Jefferson’s granddaughters, they set out to do what they do best—solve the mystery! When the journal is stolen, the kids are forced to hunt down clues by following Jefferson’s footsteps to The University of Virginia, his mountaintop home of Monticello, and a little-known retreat called Poplar Forest. But this isn’t a typical walk through history. Someone from the kids’ past is lurking in the shadows, bent on revenge and threatening to take much more than just the treasure.   

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