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The Spook's Apprentice: Brother Wulf By Joseph Delaney 3 Books Collection Set (Brother Wulf, Brother Wulf: The Last Spook & Brother Wulf: Wulf's Bane)


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Titles In This Set:
Brother Wulf
Brother Wulf: The Last Spook
Brother Wulf: Wulf's Bane

Embark on a haunting journey with 'The Spook's Apprentice: Brother Wulf' trilogy by Joseph Delaney. Unveil a world of dark enchantment, bravery, and magic in this captivating 3-book collection.


Brother Wulf

Young monk Brother Beowulf has always been told that spooks - supposed protectors against supernatural forces - are evil, and not to be trusted. One day he is sent to secretly spy on one, having no idea of the trouble he's about to find himself in.
Soon Wulf is forced to seek help from another young spook, Tom Ward, who terrifies and charms him in equal measures.
But the forces of the dark are many. A horrifying new enemy is rising - and only Wulf can stop it.

Brother Wulf: The Last Spook
Years have passed since Wulf and Tilda vanished vanished from the country. Alice and Tom have given up hope of ever seeing them again, until a terrible enemy from the past forces them to take drastic action in a bid for help.
Now Wulf faces the greatest and most powerful demon who has ever walked the Dark: the Fiend. He will have to use all his powers - and gather some new ones= to have even a chance of survival. . .

Brother Wulf: Wulf's Bane
Wulf has left behind his life in the monastery and is now the Apprentice to Spook Johnson, assisting him in protecting the County from denizens of the dark - which mainly involves Wulf acting as bait.
But Wulf is captured by Hrothgar, a giant with abilities to conjure subservient creatures - or tulpas - from his imagination. And he strongly suspects that Wulf has these abilities too . . .

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