Photo of Rachel Bright 8 Book Collection Set on a White Background
Photo of Rachel Bright 8 Book Collection Set on a White Background

Rachel Bright Collection 8 Books Set (The Whale Who Wanted More,The Koala Who Could, The Squirrels Who Squabbled, The Way Home For Wolf, The Lion Inside, Side by Side, The Worrysaurus, Amazing Daddy)


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Titles In this Set:
The Koala Who Could
The Squirrels Who Squabbled
The Way Home For Wolf
The Lion Inside
Side by Side
The Worrysaurus
Love Monster and the Perfect Present
The Whale Who Wanted More

The Koala Who Could:
Meet Kevin. A koala who likes to keep things the same. Exactly the same. But sometimes change comes along whether we like it or not... And, as Kevin discovers, if you step outside your comfort zone and try new things.

The Squirrels Who Squabbled:
Greedy squirrels Cyril and Bruce both have their sights on a very special prize: THE VERY LAST NUT OF THE SEASON! As the nut bounces crazily though the forest, the squirrels race after it, between the trees, over boulders.

The Way Home For Wolf:
Wolf cub Wilf doesn't want help from anyone. Whatever it is, he can do it all by himself. But when Wilf finds himself lost and alone in the chill of the Arctic night, he discovers something important: sometimes we all need the helping hand of a friend.

The Lion Inside:
Fed up of being ignored by the other animals, Mouse wishes he could roar like Lion. But, as he discovers, even the biggest, bossiest people are scared sometimes ... and even the smallest creatures can have the heart of a lion!

Side by Side:
Little Mouseling lives with her family in Winter mouse Wood. She loves having a big family, but she's so small that she often gets left out when her older brothers and sisters go out to play..

The Worrysaurus:
It's a beautiful day and Worrysaurus has planned a special picnic. But it isn't long before a small butterfly of worry starts fluttering in his tummy . . .

Love Monster and the Perfect Present:
Ove is in the air again for Love Monster in this heart-tingling story from phenomenal, award-winning picture book talent Rachel Bright! It’s Present Day in Cutesville, and Love Monster is on the lookout for something shiny for someone wonderful. But wonderful, shinyful things can be VERY expensive… What is a Love Monster to do? A heart-warming remember-the-important-things-in-life story about how presents don’t have to cost the earth to mean the world!

The Whale Who Wanted More:
Humphrey the whale is on a quest: to find the one perfect object that will make him feel complete. He roams far and wide, gathering endless undersea treasure as he goes.

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