Paddington Bear Classic Collection 10 Books By Michael Bond

Paddington Bear Classic Collection 10 Books By Michael Bond


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The Paddington Bear Classic Collection by Michael Bond is a delightful compilation of 10 heartwarming stories featuring the beloved bear from Darkest Peru. This timeless series captures the whimsical adventures and endearing mishaps of Paddington, a bear with an insatiable curiosity and an endless capacity for getting into trouble, yet always managing to find his way back to safety and affection.

Titles in this Set

A Bear Called Paddington.
More About Paddington.
Paddington Helps Out.
Paddington Abroad.
Paddington at Large.
Paddington Marches On.
Paddington at Work.
Paddington Goes to Town.
Paddington Takes the Air.
Paddington on Top.


  1. A Bear Called Paddington: Meet Paddington Bear, who arrives in London with nothing but a suitcase, a hat, and a label that reads "Please look after this bear." The Brown family takes him in, and so begins Paddington's new life full of amusing adventures.

  2. More About Paddington: Paddington's knack for turning ordinary events into extraordinary escapades continues, whether he's trying his paw at cooking or navigating the perils of the department store.

  3. Paddington Helps Out: Ever helpful, Paddington's good intentions often lead to unintended chaos, from misadventures at a photography studio to an unexpected run-in with the law.

  4. Paddington Abroad: Paddington takes his first trip abroad, bringing his unique sense of adventure and inevitable mishaps along for the ride, much to the delight and occasional exasperation of the Browns.

  5. Paddington at Large: Paddington's explorations of London lead to new friendships, sticky situations, and unforgettable memories as he learns about his new home.

  6. Paddington Marches On: The lovable bear continues his exploits, whether it's participating in a local play or experiencing the excitement of a fair, Paddington's charm never fails to shine through.

  7. Paddington at Work: Paddington's forays into the world of work result in comical situations and endearing life lessons, showcasing his resilience and ever-present optimism.

  8. Paddington Goes to Town: From fashion shows to charity events, Paddington navigates the complexities of city life with his characteristic mix of curiosity and unintentional humor.

  9. Paddington Takes the Air: Health and fitness take center stage as Paddington embarks on new health regimes and outdoor adventures, all with his usual flair for getting into scrapes.

  10. Paddington on Top: The final book in the collection sees Paddington achieving new heights, both literally and figuratively, as he continues to warm hearts with his innocence and goodwill.

Michael Bond's charming storytelling and Peggy Fortnum's classic illustrations bring Paddington Bear to life, making this collection a treasure for readers of all ages. Each story is filled with gentle humor, warmth, and the timeless appeal of a bear who simply wants to do his best, no matter the circumstances. The Paddington Bear Classic Collection is an essential addition to any child's bookshelf, promising endless joy and laughter.

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