Mortal Engines Quartet Collection Series 4 Books Set

Mortal Engines Quartet Collection Series 4 Books Set


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Titles In this Set:
Mortal Engines
Predators Gold
Infernal Devices
Darkling Plain

Mortal Engines       
In a dangerous future, huge motorized cities hunt, attack and fight each other for survival. As London pursues a small town, young apprentice Tom is flung out into the wastelands, where a terrifying cyborg begins to hunt him down.

Predator's Gold
Far above Anchorage, a tiny aircraft falls from the sky. Having fled from London in MORTAL ENGINES, Tom and Hester seek refuge in a city devastated by plague, haunted by ghosts, and filled with deadly secrets..

Infernal Devices 
MORTAL ENGINES launched Philip Reeve's brilliantly-imagined creation, the world of the Traction Era, where mobile cities fight for survival in a post-apocalyptic future. 

A Darkling Plain 
Wren and her father Tom Natsworthy travel the Bird Roads in their airship, trying to forget Hester's betrayal. But in the ruined wreckage of the city of London they make a discovery that changes everything.

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