1984, Big Brother Is Watching You By George Orwell

1984, Big Brother Is Watching You By George Orwell


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Enter the haunting dystopian world of "1984" by George Orwell, where the omnipresent gaze of Big Brother casts a shadow over every aspect of society. This iconic novel, first published in 1949, remains a chilling warning about the dangers of totalitarianism, surveillance, and the erosion of individual freedom.

Plot Overview:

Set in a bleak and oppressive future, "1984" follows the story of Winston Smith, a low-ranking member of the ruling Party in the totalitarian state of Oceania. Under the watchful eye of Big Brother, the Party exercises absolute control over every aspect of life, from thought and expression to love and loyalty.

As Winston grapples with the suffocating reality of life under a regime that demands blind obedience and conformity, he begins to question the truth and rebel against the oppressive system. His illicit affair with Julia, a fellow Party member, and his clandestine encounters with the underground resistance, known as the Brotherhood, lead him on a dangerous journey of self-discovery and defiance.

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