Fox Cub and My First Graded,Emerging,Confident Reader 54 Books Set (Level 1,2,3)

Fox Cub and My First Graded,Emerging,Confident Reader 54 Books Set (Level 1,2,3)


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These stories are specifically designed for beginners who are just starting to recognise small words. Through the use of pictures and visual cues, they provide a helpful and engaging learning experience. By immersing themselves in these stories, beginners can gradually develop their word recognition skills and gain confidence in their reading abilities. The combination of captivating visuals and picture association creates a supportive and enjoyable environment that helps both learning and a love for reading.

Titles in this Set:

Fox Cub My First Graded Readers 18 Book Set Collection: Level 1 - Starting to Read

Callie Crocodile gets a Toothache
Ben Bear loses his honey 
Suzy squirrel makes a friend 
Gary Goose's Birthday Party 
Pedro gets a Hug
A Lullaby for Lucy 
The Snowman's Nose 
Mia's Ribbon Mystery 
The Missing Spoons 
The Moon is Lost
A Robber in the House
Where is Kitty?
Ryder the Racing Car
The Bouncy Ball Contest
Teddy Bear's Button Eye 
The Toys go for a Ride 
Panda Bear finds a Home 
Lenny Doll's Tea Party  

Fox Cub Emerging Graded Readers 18 Book Set Collection: Level 2 - Need Some Help Reading

King Henry's Pink Hair
Queen Kiara's Lost Thing 
The Mysterious Sound 
The Prince and the Alien
The Cookie Thief 
Wally Whale gets Caught 
The Missing Cloak
Fifi Fairy's Flying Cards
Gobby Learns a Lesson
The Magical Hat
The Shoes that Ran Away 
The Talking Jacket
Wimpy Wizard's Spell Book
Saving the Baobab Tree
Rikki Rabbit's Books
A Friend for Wilder 
Gerald Giraffe's Dance Party
The Zebra and the Oxpecker

Fox Cub Confident Graded Readers 18 Book Set Collection: Level 3 - Reading On My Own

Milly and Mom' Beach Clean up
A Postcard from Africa 
Mimi's New Year Eve
Saving Mr Tree 
Fun with Waste 
Who stole the Cupcakes?
The Tree Warriors 
The Trap Trick 
Saving Mrs Lion
The Big Rescue 
The Great Escape 
Milly Monkey is Lost 
Let's go digging 
The Missing School Bell
Where is Pearl?
The Picnic Mystery
The Weird, Whistling Sound 
The Mysterious Box 

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