Diana Wynne Jones 3 Books Set Collection, House Of Many Ways, Castle In The Air, Howl&

Diana Wynne Jones 3 Books Set Collection, House Of Many Ways, Castle In The Air, Howl's Moving Castle


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Discover Diana Wynne Jones' enchanting world with this 3-book collection. Charmain Baker navigates a chaotic, magical house. Abdullah's dreams become reality amidst genies and bandits. Sophie braves a wizard's mysterious abode, believing she has nothing more to lose. Magic and adventure await!

Titles In This Set:
House Of Many Ways
Castle In The Air
Howl's Moving Castle


House Of Many Ways
A chaotically magical sequel to Howl’s Moving Castle. Charmain Baker is in over her head. Looking after Great Uncle William's tiny cottage while he's ill should have been easy, but Great Uncle William is better known as the Royal Wizard Norland and his house bends space and time.

Castle In The Air
In his dreams, he is the long-lost son of a great prince. This dream is a complete castle in the air… or is it? Abdullah’s day-dreams suddenly start to come true when he meets the exquisite Flower-in-the-Night, daughter of the ferocious Sultan of Zanzib. Fate has destined them for each other, but a bad-tempered genie, a hideous djinn, and various villanous bandits have their own ideas.

Howl's Moving Castle
Deciding she has nothing more to lose, Sophie makes her way to the moving castle that hovers on the hills above her town, Market Chipping. But the castle belongs to the dreaded Wizard Howl, whose appetite, they say, is satisfied only by the souls of young girls…

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