David Walliams 5 Book Set (Bad Dad,Midnight Gang,Strikes Again,Awful Auntie,Grandpa Great Escape)

David Walliams 5 Book Set (Bad Dad,Midnight Gang,Strikes Again,Awful Auntie,Grandpa Great Escape)


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David Walliams, renowned for his whimsical and heartwarming storytelling, presents a captivating 5-book set that promises an enchanting journey through the realms of humour, adventure, and familial bonds.

Titles in this Set:

Bad Dad,
Midnight Gang
Strikes Again
Awful Auntie
Grandpa Great Escape


  1. Bad Dad: Join Frank and his son as they embark on a daring and hilarious heist to outsmart the nefarious Mr. Big. Packed with action and Walliams' trademark wit, "Bad Dad" is a rollercoaster ride of escapades and unexpected alliances.

  2. Midnight Gang: Enter the magical world of the children's ward, where the Midnight Gang's thrilling adventures unfold. Follow a group of young patients as they embark on enchanting midnight escapades, encountering fantastical characters and discovering the power of friendship.

  3. The World's Worst Children 2: The Strikes Back: Walliams introduces a new set of eccentric characters with mischievous tendencies. Brace yourself for uproarious tales of the world's most hilariously dreadful children in this sidesplitting sequel.

  4. Awful Auntie: Meet Stella Saxby, who must outsmart her devious aunt and unravel family secrets to reclaim her rightful inheritance. "Awful Auntie" combines mystery and humor in a delightful story of courage, resilience, and the triumph of good over evil.

  5. Grandpa's Great Escape: Join Jack and his Grandpa, a former World War II fighter pilot, on an extraordinary adventure. Faced with life in an old folks' home, they hatch a daring plan for an escape that is as heartwarming as it is humorous.

This 5-book collection showcases Walliams' storytelling prowess, bringing together a delightful mix of laughter, warmth, and the timeless magic of childhood. Perfect for young readers and those young at heart, these tales promise an unforgettable literary journey.

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