Horrible Histories 9 Books Collection Set by Terry Deary and Martin Brown
Horrible Histories 9 Books Collection Set by Terry Deary and Martin Brown
Horrible Histories 9 Books Collection Set by Terry Deary and Martin Brown
Horrible Histories 9 Books Collection Set by Terry Deary and Martin Brown

Horrible Histories 9 Books Collection Set by Terry Deary and Martin Brown


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Titles in this set:

Groovy Greeks
Helps readers to discover the wicked men who came back, a women and the truth about Heraclitus and his manure Apparently the Greeks (we are talking about the Ancient variety) were a rather groovy bunch. The boys didn't start school until they were seven and girls didn't have to go at all. Greek children invented all manner of cool games just for something to do, and the grown-ups invented the Olympic Games and made the men run naked.

Gorgeous Georgians
The gorgeous Georgians may have loved preening in mirrors and prancing about in powdered wigs and pantaloons, but trust us - they were really rotten underneath! From lords and ladies' sneaky schemes for hiding their personal hygiene problems to the horrible hardships suffered by the poor, find out the REAL story. It's got horrible highwaymen, raging revolutions, plundering pirates, and guys wearing wigs and make-up. Plus the schoolchildren who went to war with their teachers! It's better than Hollywood - and _much more horrible!

Slimy Stuarts
The Stuarts. They don't sound very terrible, do they? They sound almost like your boring next-door neighbours. But you'll soon change your mind once you hear the sickening story which started when gibbering King James I took the throne. Now you can find out...*why some slimy Stuarts ate toads, snails and fleas * which king picked his nose and never washed his hands * why people wore fish on their feet (bleeugh!) Plus there are the dreadful deeds of the Revolting Roundheads, the gruesome truth about ghastly Guy Fawkes, tragic tales of women accused of witchcraft, and the ever-present threat of the perilous plague! The Stuarts have never been so sickening!

Vile Victorians
It's history with the nasty bits left in! Want to know: · What vile Victorian parents called their children? · Who had a gruesome glass eye for every occasion? · When the first public loo was flushed? Discover all the foul facts about the Vile Victorians - all the gore and more

Awful Egyptians
why the Egyptian people worshipped a dung beetle
which pharaoh married her grandfather
and what the 'Shepherd of the Royal Backside' had to do!

Rotten Romans 
what Roman soldiers wore under their kilt
and how ancient Britons got their hair nice and spiky.

Cut-throat Celts
History is horrible. Especially in school. Have you noticed how teachers never tell you anything? They ask you something and expect you to know! They use funny new words and ask you to guess what they mean! How on earth can they expect that? And they use posh words to describe the really horrible bits of history... 
Then, just when there's a chance that history lessons may be getting interesting, the teacher stops and refuses to tell you the gory details.
Were the Celts really cut-throats? And why? And what did they do with those heads? What you need is a book that tells you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, What you need is a Horrible History of the cut-throat Celts! 

Smashing Saxons
Want to know: Who got cow pats as Christmas presents?
Why wearing a pig on your head is lucky?
How to make a dead Saxon happy?
Discover all the foul facts about the SMASHING SAXONS - all the gore and more!

Ruthless Romans 
which emperor enjoyed eating camel's heels,
who were the terrible twins who founded Rome
and which evil emperors made murder a sport.

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