Information Regarding Shipping Delays


Dear readers and customers,

We sincerely apologise for the numerous delays in obtaining your packages. We are all concerned about whether our orders will arrive in time for Christmas, so we are aware of the stress this may bring. Sadly, there isn't much we can do to change the situation.

Why we continue to use Royal Mail while they are on strike is a common query we receive. Our response is that we have used a number of other delivery services and have noticed a significant increase in lost packages and products that are advertised as delivered but aren't.

We understand when customers contact or call us to inquire about the status of their orders, but regrettably we are unable to provide any additional information. Since the couriers won't respond to our questions, we are unable to provide you with any other information.

We all support the postal employees and believe they have a right to be heard, that much is certain.

With respects

Team Axel Books